How to Change Wapka Default Favicon With Yours

It is very important to change the default favicon of Wapka with your own Favicon , Without your own favicon your web site never is can’t identified by the visitors who visit your site . Most of the visitors where lookup the favicon for identifying the sites , If you place the hosted network favicon for your wapsite , Visitors can’t determine your wapsite from the other thousand wapsite who work on the same organized system with the same favicon . So through this article you are going to learn about changing Wapka wapsite favicon . However, its easy enough :p

How to Make My Own Favicon :

It is very easy to design a Favicon , Just use Photoshop or MSPaint for designing a Favicon . When you saving the file you must need to name it like “fav.ico” Also the screen size of the favicon must be 16×16 Pixel .

How to Add your Favicon to Wapka Wapsite :

It is very easy to add your Favicon to your Wapka wapsite , Before setting Favicon you need to upload the designed favicon to your Wapka file manager and copy the url address of the favicon . Once you uploaded the favicon image and copied the url address please do the following steps .

  1. Log in to your Wapka A/c.
  2. Enter to the site that you want to add the favicon.
  3. Click on the “Admin Mode“.
  4. Click on the “Edit Site“.
  5. Click on the “Global Settings“.
  6. Click on the “Header”.
  7. Paste the following code that given below this paragraph on the Header Text area by replace the favicon image URL address , Remember don’t add any big screen sized image URL address to set as a favicon . It will make your wapsite loading time higher .
<link href="http://Yourfaviconaddresshere" rel="shortcut icon"/>

Now you need to click on the “SET” Button. You are done.

Now refresh your Wapka wapsite and look up the favicon showed on the “Title Bar” You can see the new branded favicon of your wapsite there.

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