How to Add CSS Style of Another site to Your Wapka Wapsite

How to Add External CSS File to Wapka Wapsite :

 First of all you need to get a external css file , For that you have to enter your favorite wapsite and get in to the source file .
  • Enter “Ctrl+F” Then find the “STYLESHEET” .
  • Now follow the Screen-Shot that given below .
Garbing CSS Style From Other Wapsite
  • Now log-in to your Wapka Dashboard .
  • Enter to the Wapka waspite which you Manage .
  • Click on the “Admin Mode” Then click on the “Edit Site” .
  • Click on the “Global Settings” Then click on the “Head Tag(meta,style)” .
  • Now click on the “Edit style sheet file (styles.css)” .
  • Now Paste the “External CSS Code” In to the “Text Area” Then Click “Set” Button .
  • You are Done .

How to Call The CSS Styles When You Designing Your Wapka Wapsite :

You can call the CSS File in different way , Some of the way to call the css file from the “Style Sheet” File are given below this paragraph .

=“Test”>Click me!

  • Here on the above CSS Calling method change the “Test” to the CSS ID and change the “Click me!” To any Text file which you want to Display inside the “Div Box” .
  • You are Done .

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